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Did You Know That There Are Many Attractions in Niagara Falls, Ontario?

When you think of Niagara Falls it is the waterfalls themselves which spring to mind but there is so much more you can include in a trip to Niagara. There is an incredible number and range of attractions in Niagara Falls Ontario. If you want to take a trip to a place where you can combine sightseeing with great adventure, thrills, culture and fun all in one place then you should consider a trip to the world famous falls.

Many people still take a trip on the old Maid of the Mist to get up close to the waterfalls and now you can add extra rides on powerboats or helicopters. There are also walkways which take you behind that massive sheet of water so you can experience the power of nature.

There are some more serene ways to enjoy the waterfalls as you can take a seat at any number of restaurants or bars for a spectacular view. You can even view them from the air as you eat in the revolving Skylon Tower. The falls are magical at night with colorful lights and firework displays.

Although the waterfalls are the main attraction which people travel from all around the world to see there is so much more to do. You can shop to your hearts content, visit museums and historical places, take a spa treatment or even go on a wine tour. There are many family places such as theme parks, play centers, cinemas and shows. It is also possible to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. There are many gardens and parks with hiking and cycling trails.

For water babies there are three water parks including; the Waves Waterpark and the Fallsview Waterpark. There is even a marine park where it is possible to have encounters with creatures from the deep such as killer whales, dolphins and sea lions. There is also a place to enjoy land animals, the Safari Niagara Zoo which has plenty of activities, shows and educational displays.

If you love high speed rides and adrenalin thrills then Niagara will not disappoint. There are rides everywhere and theme parks and adventure centers such as the Freefall and Interactive Center where you can skydive indoors. There is the MGM Experience to enjoy movie themed rides. Younger children will be spoiled for choice with the number of adventure playgrounds.

Your group will not be bored in the evenings either as the fun continues all night with casinos, bars, cinemas, shows and nightclubs. There are many restaurants to choose from serving cuisine from all over the world in casual or formal settings. The two cinemas, one IMAX and one 3-D, show special shows about Niagara. There are a number of live entertainment options including a dinner show themed on Canada. There are also more serious plays performed at the Shaw Festival Theater.

The range of attractions in Niagara Falls Ontario is stunning. There are not many places where you can do so much in one place and see a world class tourist attraction.

Adventure Outdoors in Turkey’s Cappadocia

Far from Turkey’s seaside in central Anatolya, Cappadocia is a vast region where volcanic activity has resulted in bizarre, undulating landscapes and “fairy chimneys” – tall tapering spires of rock sculpted out of soft volcanic tuff by wind and water. The region features some of the most spectacular scenery and topography in the world, and is an ideal destination for family vacation adventures.

Besides its topography, Cappadocia is known for its unique dwellings of rock-carved homes and churches built by Greek Christians who inhabited the region until the early 20th century, and for its troglodyte villages – underground cities created to escape persecution.

At the center of Cappadocia, Goreme, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the most remarkable of these sights. Molded from a combination of volcanic tuff, basalt, wind and water, Goreme’s fairy chimneys, fantastic meringue-like shapes with tapering columns thrusting skywards, house entire dwellings which were chiseled into the soft rock – rooms, doors and windows – some inhabited to this day. A part of the Roman and Byzantine empires, Cappadocia was home to a thriving monastic Christian community who carved churches and monasteries into the same soft earth and decorated them with pigments made of local plants and minerals. The Goreme Open Air Museum is witness to some thirty of the most impressive of these rock-cut churches, whose vividly colored frescoes depict stories from the bible. Key-holed shaped doors, leading into arched and domed spaces and split-level structures with stairs running up and down characterize these edifices, and shrines tucked around corners with ornate frescoes adorn the interiors.

Derinkuyu, a small town between Goreme and Nigde, houses the most outstanding troglodyte village, an entire city constructed underground. A labyrinthine network of chambers and passages, carved beneath the earth, it was created to avoid religious persecution and marauders’ raids. As time went on, the complex became more and more elaborate, stretching down some eleven levels to a depth of 85 m and sprawling out over an ever-increasing area. At its height, this underground city sheltered between 3000 – 50,000 people. Though some 200 similar cities have been discovered in Cappadocia, Derinkuyu proffers to being the most extraordinary example.

Beyond the scenery and topography, Cappadocia caters to adventure outdoors and activities fitting adventure travel holidays. Hot air ballooning over the fairy chimneys in the early mornings is an experience not to be missed. Hop across rivers, scramble up hills or simply stop to enjoy the scenery here – this is a great destination for a hiking vacations combining superb and peaceful nature with history. This is also the region for horseback riding, quad biking and jeep safaris – just some of the most popular activities to be had.

Cappadocia exhibits the sheer scope of what man can do and leaves you marveling at the ingenuity of its people. At the same time, it offers up vacacation adventures galore in a region packed with outdoor activities for every age and level.